“Collected my package today and everything was in perfect order. You guys really know how to pack. I took the moose head out of the crate at the terminal and strapped it down in my pick up. Plenty of stares as you could imagine. I am going to hang it tomorrow. Pleasure doing business with you. Much appreciated, Tony”

"Hello George, Just a quick note to tell you that the antique Chinese lamp from Leslie Hindman arrived safely in Toronto. I am most impressed by the double box / double thickness cardboard shipping crate with honeycomb buffers. That is one of the best jobs I have seen. No wonder Navis-Joliet are on Leslie Hindman's recommended shippers list. I will gladly seek your services next time I have something from Chicago / Leslie Hindman to ship. Many Thanks, J.C."

"George, All arrived well. Thanks. The Chicago lawyer was right, professional packing and shipping. Thank you again, Doug"

"Hello George, Just to let you know that the painting has arrived in good order.  Thank you very much.

As you know I picked your name at random from the list of approved shippers on the Leslie Hindman website.  I want you – and the auction house – to know that I am very pleased with how this all worked out and in the event that I am successful at a future auction I will certainly contact you first about any shipping arrangements that I need." Best wishes - P.M.

"George, I picked up the piece today.  Because it wouldn't fit in the back of my car still screwed to the pallet, the person who brought the crate to the dock got the help of one of his coworkers from YSL, who was nice enough to deconstruct the crate for me.  We were all amazed at your incredibly secure and clever packing job, and the note in the crate apologizing for running out of Philips head screws and the bit number of the square nails used was a nice touch.  We all got a kick out of that.  Long Islanders aren't quite as thoughtful, generally. 

Thanks a lot.  It looked like it was a lot of work to put together but I thought it was especially clever because it made use of really cheap and lightweight materials but in a way that made it super secure and sturdy.  Maybe you should join the peace corps...."
- K.H.

"Hello George, Sorry I didn't write back before, Installing the exhibition and the opening reception took all my attention. I just came back to Chicago last night. I would like to let you know that ALL the pieces arrived perfectly fine. The packing was fantastic and there was no single accident or broken part. Thank you very much for all your assistance and help during this crating process."
- Rodrigo

"Hi George, I was very pleased to see how you took great lengths in packing my piano. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate when people are conscientious in their work and I can see that you are. As a farmer, who has to be very conscientious in my line of work, it's good to know that there are still people out there like you and your company! Thank you again ever so
much!" - Donnie C.

"George, Our California delivery arrived on Friday, April 8. Everything was packed beautifully and was in excellent condition - no breakage or cracking. Thank you." - Henry

"Dear George and Larry, I hope you remember me. You both helped send my Mother’s treasures to me here in Denver from Riverside. I am writing to thank you so very much for the care and attention you gave to this work. Everything arrived in perfect condition and was so carefully wrapped and packed. As you know my Mom passed away – and your tender handling of these last few memories meant the world to me. I appreciate you both very much and please know how grateful I am." - Julie K

"Hi George, That was the best shipping crate I have ever had the pleasure of ripping into! Awesome beautiful service. Extremely prompt & professional. I will highly recommend you & your company to everyone forever. We are very grateful & appreciate the superb service you provided for us. Thank you very much" - Christine N.

“The clock arrived yesterday and we got it all unpacked and sitting in the house. We will get a clock person in soon to get it put together and operating. Thank you for all your help in this. It was a please dealing with you and your company and we will easily recommend your group to anyone else we meet looking to do something similar.” ~AL

“I and my son-in-law collected the pictures at the airport, carried them to Szeged, and the pictures are already unpacked…They are all in perfect condition, due to the perfect packaging. Thank you very, very much for your excellent contribution.”
- Sincerely yours, Gábor K.

"Mark & Tracy, Thank you so very much for the safe delivery of my mother's crystal chandelier. As you can see, it hangs beautifully in my kitchen. I appreciate the reassurance you gave me as I waited for its arrival. Everything was smooth from the beginning to the very end. I am thankful I chose your company to transport this very sentimental and valuable chandelier. If I ever need something shipped again, I will not hesitate to use your company again. And I recommend your company without any reservations to anyone else!" - Warm Blessings, Grace

"I moved from Oregon to Thailand and had the luck to find Navis and Rebecca to help me. I was moving mostly photography equipment and dealing with the cost the airlines charge for extra luggage, customs, handling 7 cases through 4 different airports, etc., was overwhelming. Luckily, I found them. The transportation was costly, but it was handled perfectly and everything arrived at my door in Thailand as scheduled. Rebecca followed up with everything and made sure the people in Thailand performed as well as she did. I would definitely use and recommend Navis and Rebecca to anyone contemplating a move."
- Jessica P., North Providence RI

"I had a huge marble table at my father's house in Philadelphia which I wanted moved to my home in Rhode Island. From the minute I talked to Peter, I knew my table was in good hands. They picked it up from my Dad's house exactly when they said they would come, crated it and even kept it stored for me, until the ice and snow melted off my driveway, so it could be delivered safely. I would highly recommend this company." - Lori H., Philadelphia, PA